Air admittance valve for drainage system


Air admittance membrane valve for drainage system


Plug for drainage pipe


Trapper without gasket


Cover for smooth pipe and corrugated pipe


Bottom of the lifting pipe


Multi-reduction joint, in a socket end, with gasket


Multi-reduction joint, monolithic, snap lock, in a socket end, with gasket


Irregular connection piece


Debris gully PL - vertical / horizontal


Straight reduction

(A05-021 )

Straight reduction


Flexible siphon


Non-return valve with single flap valve


Non-return valve with double flap valve










Cover rosette for WC connections


Siphon for flush mounting - white/chrome


Debris gully - vertical / horizontal






Cleaning brush


Sleeving connection


Rubber reduction is situ


Pipe cap


Plastic clamping ring for sewage pipes with screw and dowel


Venting device


WC Straight connection


WC Elbow


WC Elbow


WC Elbow with by-pass


WC Tensile connection


WC Connection


Trapper with gasket - transition from cast-iron to plastic


Universal elbow


Siphon of the washing machine for surface mounting - white/chrome




Straight reduction, short


Straight reduction, long


Angle reduction


Venting device


Venting device


WC Asymmetric connection


WC rubber connection


Straight reduction


Plug for drainage pipe